Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Snake Fun

Kev and I went to Dallas this weekend for Holland's sppointment at the clinic. I forgot to ever make our flight, so rather than fork over 300 bucks for a ticket, we opted to take a road trip instead. Of course, I didn't take any pics, but we had fun and turned it into a date.

Bronwyn had a blast without us. She stayed with my sister and her BFF cousin India. My sis and her husband own a small ranch about 20 minutes north of where we live. Th
ey go out there all the time to hike and ride four wheelers. Rattlesnakes are a pretty frequent find, but not ones quite as impressive as the one they found IN THEIR BARN on Monday. The barn that MY DAUGHTER HAD BEEN IN AND OUT OF THE WHOLE DAY BEFORE!!!! It was five feet long and as big around as my thigh! And my awesome sister, the consumate educator, let the kids and their friends dissect it. Not only that, they deep fried it and had it for dinner as well!!! B said it tastes like squid. I'll take your word for it honey.

The dissection.

The skinning.

The meat.

The trophy.