Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back With a Vengence

Wow, summer is almost over! It has been very busy around here for the last month. Here's a recap: a miserable, miserable, miserable bout with strep throat (me); followed almost immediately by a trip with Kev's fam to OKC; a short jaunt to Dallas where we learned Holland is officially DONE with the helmet; another miserable, miserable bout with strep (Bronwyn); followed immediately by a party with our family to celebrate no helmet (did I mention we are DONE?); then a fabulous week in beautiful Angel Fire; a LONG drive home; hot/windy/rainy weather here; and trying to get ready for school to start while squeezing in our last few days at the pool. Whew!!! Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Well, here's not quite a thousand pics :)

This is the picture we turned in at the clinic on our last day there. Hopefully it will make it into the Doc Band calender they do!

B, Boaz, and part of cousin Christian posing at the science museum in OKC (which is awesome by the way).

B riding the "Segue" at the museum.

I have always wanted to ride one too!

Bo playing the drums in the sound section.

About to race go carts!

Ahh, Angel Fire and the glorious lake by our cabin. Note the jacket I am it!
And Holland spent most of the time there in this pack as you will see in the pics to follow.

Kev took B horseback riding because, of course, she's a little girl and horses are little girls most favorite things in the world. This one's name was Copper. I know that because she's been telling anyone who will listen that she got a horse named Copper.

Want to know what I was doing while they were on the ride? I was walking around the lake with Holland (on my back) and my mom when all of a sudden my mom grabbed my arm and said, "There's a BEAR!" Sure enough, a 300 pound brown bear was frolicking not 30 yards from us...yikes!!

On one of about a hundred hikes with my girls.

Say cheese Holland!

In Red River.

Boaz's most favorite thing about the entire week was throwing rocks the rivers and lakes.

B's first fish! And one of only 2 we caught all week I might add.

Hanging out with Darni on the deck.

Holland loves picnics!

River rats.

Wish you could see the pretty little waterfall behind us...or Holland behind me for that matter!

Again with the rock throwing. This time cousin Ephraim and Aunt Rae Rae are assisting.

All worn out.

Goofy girl.


This was the view from our deck. Amazing!

Lots of good hang out time spent out here.

The world's happiest baby.

This was in the courtyard of the most awesome little toy store in Taos.
I swear I think we spent like 2 hours here. And that's despite the fact that one of the first things we saw when we walked in was a woman sitting about where Boaz is in this pic, totally bare breasted feeding her 3 year old kid! The kid pulled off and was like, "I want to go play now mommy". Ever heard of a water bottle lady???
Finally back at home and all tuckered out :)