Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We have recently rediscovered a backyard treasure. Palo Duro Canyon is only about 40 minutes from our house, but I could count on one hand the number of times Kev and I have been in the last eleven years. Not so anymore! The past 2 Saturdays the weather has been fabulous and we have loaded up a picinic lunch, kiddos, backpacks, hiking shoes, and sunscreen and headed out for adventure!

Week 1: there has been way more water than we have seen in the canyon before, probably because we've had so much snow around here. We had a great lunch, then set off on a leisurely hike. We stumbled across a little beaver dam and the kids had a blast throwing rocks into the stream....until Boaz pooped in his pants and we decided to call it a day!

Picinic Fun

The water was all the way over the road

On the trail

Funny B

The little dam and stream

Hey there Bo!

Babies LOVE dirt!

Having a blast!

After the Great Poop Disaster...next time I'll know to bring extra clothes!

Take Two: Notice we are sans-Holland this week. The trail was a little rougher, but the big kids were tough and did awesome!

Gearing up after lunch

B conquering the mini-mountain

Little boy, big cliff

The mouth of the big cave

Journey to the center of the Earth...okay not really

Very cool!

Tight squeeze

Made it out!

View from the top

My crew

She's glad to be at the bottom!

Time to cool off...for real. That water was chilly!

River Rats

Proud Papa

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