Thursday, February 18, 2010

Girl Time!

Bronwyn and I had a fantastic weekend spending time with each other and hanging out with our dear friends who moved to Houston. The Newcombs lived right behind us up until a year and a half ago, and they were the BEST neighbors you could ever hope for. Lisa and I became friends right away, and while my then 2 year old Miss B loves all three of their children, she and their middle child Landon are like little soul mates. I have never once heard them even bicker. Now, he is 2 years older than her, but they get along wonderfully and they play hard together. Kevin has joked that we need to draw up an arranged marriage contract! Not a bad idea. You'll see in the pics he's quite a cutey!

On the plane. This is the first plane ride she remembers.

Bosom Buddies!

This is at the Chilren's Museum. It was AMAZING! There was a whole exhibit called "Kidtropolis" which mimicked a little city. Here is B in the forensics lab.

In the back of the squad car...uh oh, I don't like this trend!

On the climbing wall.

News Room

This was a HUGE robot made entirely of telephone!

The Scientist

On Sunday the weather was SUPERB, so we headed to Galveston for some beach fun. This was the first time for Bronwyn to see the ocean!

The hunt for seashells was ON!

Beach Babes

She had such a blast...and was such a MESS!


It just so happened to be the Sunday before Fat Tuesday...which is apparently a really big deal in Galveston. So we were parked in the perfect spot to see a Dog Parade and a Children's Parade. You cannot believe how many Mardi Gras beads we came home with!

What the??

My girl!

"We want some BEADS!!"

Counting the Loot


All in all it was a fabulous weekend! I got some much needed one on one with my B, and loved every minute with my dear friends. Thanks Newcombs...we miss you!!!

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