Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What the heck, it's February??

I can't believe I missed over a month on here! Lots of goings on the in the Wright Fam. Here's a little catch up.

Lately a favorite past time around here has been showers. I guess maybe because they are warm! It's been snowy and chilly in these parts and there's not a whole lot to do outside except bundle up to play in the snow. This is how the kids, Boaz especially, like to warm up afterward. Holland decided to join him here.

How could I have forgotten to post Christmas pics?! Here is 'the Night before' at our house.

Ha-Hay got a baby that tasted yummy apparently.

Happy boy. This was a light saber.

Even 6 year olds love to play with the wrapping.

Christmas Morn.

He matches his gator!

Little cash register.

After presents and blueberry pancakes, the perfect Christmas Day includes some serious snow play.

Testing out the new ride.

So, it was one of the best Christmases I can ever remember. We had a fabulous time with our family and there was snow on the ground. My dad came in town a few days later and we went out for our tradition of an incredible meal, grown ups only, and also had another Christmas for the kids. Unfortunately, such a great Holiday was follwed by tonsillectomy HELL for me! I had my horribly diseased tonsils removed on December 30th. Oh yeah, THAT's why I haven't blogged in FOREVER!!

A glimpse of the grossness that was my throat. This is as far as I could possibly open my mouth, otherwise I would have gotten a better shot of the full horror. Thank you God for our families and our Tribe!! There is NO WAY I could have gotten through those first couple of weeks without them!!!

And of course, my wonderful husband was a brave soul and found fun things like ice skating to do with the kiddos while I was either drugged up asleep on the couch or crying from the pain of puking my guts up. Good times.

My first 'meal' out came a few weeks later. I had been craving chips and queso like mad, so we hit Ruby Tequilas for kids eat free night. I managed a couple of chips, but ate an entire enhilada. Go me!

It's really hard to get 3 kids to pose!

The biggest thing I missed during my recovery is that Holland finally decided to walk! Figures. Look at her go!!

The end of January brought us a whole foot of snow!! WOO HOO!!! School cancelled for 2 days and the fun was on! Chile, sledding, movies, and one extremely dirty house!

It takes about 15 minutes to get him completely bundled up and he lasts about 5 minutes outside. Boy does NOT like to be cold!

He much prefers to run around in his underwear in the warm house. Just one of the many interesting ways he finds to entertain himself.

Don't think we'll be using our shop for awhile! That might be there til June!

Bronwyn is our little Polar Bear. She can stay outside in the snow for literally HOURS! She's gonna make an awesome snow boarder!

My favorite shot. Well, hello middle of February! There's still snow on the ground!

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Bethany said...

I so know what you mean, and man I wish we had snow to play in -- here it's rain, rain, rain. I LOVE the pic of Boaz in his underwear with the tape measure. I'm sorry about the tonsils. and still being a mom. I can't imagine. Whew.